How To Rent A Portable Stage And Accessories?

If you are planning to make a play, a concert or simply having a big party, a stage can make a huge difference in your presentation. The public will have the best view of the event and you’ll look like a professional. You can rent a portable stage from several companies for your event.

Here are some suggestions to consider before hiring a stage.

  1. Determine how the stage will be used. Because it is necessary to inform the rental company how many people will be sitting or need a runway. A band or a play may need more stage area than you think. Informing your needs for the company, they may suggest the correct size to be used at your event.
  2. Find out how many workers will be needed to erect the stage. Most rental companies will assemble and disassemble the stage. It is sometime more costly but more beneficial if you have no experience of assemble and disassemble the stage.
  3. Think of the guests who will use the stage. Might have to arrange a ramp if some of them use wheelchairs. There are so many other options for the disabled persons like handrails and guardrails.
  4. Plan the placement of the speakers, as well as the types of monitors that will be used. Small stages need smaller boxes sound, then use small speakers floor as a woofer full range of 25 or 30 cm, or a tweeter. Boxes sound side may need to double speakers of 38 cm and a high frequency. The setup you use should be appropriate to the stage size.
  5. Choose a type of MDF or wood in order to save money and also check out the weight if the monitors so that they are moved frequently.
  6. Think about the overall stage presence and type of decoration will be used for the event. You should plan to rent the footer and the scenery from the same place you rent the portable stage to have a professional look and make sure everything fit properly. Decide if you need to rent any furniture or equipment A / V (audio and video), if using the portable stage for a play, a public speech or a musical event. is a Sheffield based company offers portable stages and all other necessary accessories and gives 100% potential to make your event successful. You can find special offers and discounts for special events. They have wide range of stages of each and every size that fits your requirements. Just visit this website or call at 0114 249 5635.